Geometric Abstract Formalism

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this page is exactly what I was searching for! found your article bookmarked by a friend of mine. I will also bookmark it. thanks!
Stephanie Smith - 5 Jan 2014
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FIMedia - 10 Dec 2013
Oh wow - I'm loving those colorful squares! I'm a sculptor so colors scare me - these colors are so alive!
scott - 30 Nov 2012
Beautiful work, I love the 4 squares.
Adrian - 27 Oct 2012
Great exciting experience of your work
Josi Abata - 14 Oct 2012
I wish I could live inside a square house with these paintings being the walls, ceilings and floors.
richard pawley - 4 Oct 2012
You have come a long way in your journey; building your own sacred geometry, bright and beautiful.
Rick Thomas - 3 Oct 2012
Congratulations! now where to stash your green series, your red series, your yellow series, your mauve series. . . . .
patsy - 10 Oct 2011
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